Sex With a Leo – How, Where and When

Leos are notoriously forceful and domineering in all the things they do and this consists of intercourse. Sex with a Leo might be on their phrases – when, the place and the way will probably be determined by the bossy Leo.

The Leo lover is sensual and passionate and since they arrive underneath the aspect of fireside, sparks will fly throughout seduction and love making.

As they like to excel in the whole lot they do and can’t tolerate failure, the Leo lover might be unwilling to experiment too wildly. Anything new, too kinky or not the norm shall be frowned upon. They have to know that they’re the easiest at all the things and making an attempt one thing totally different and failing will probably be an excessive amount of for the proud lion to bear. But their tried and examined strategies of affection making would be the greatest intercourse you ever had!

They play to their strengths and cunningly disguise weak spot in love making.

How to sexually appeal to a Leo lover:

Praise, admiration and flattery will get you in all places with a Leo.

Their love of extravagance, magnificence and shows of generosity makes it troublesome to impress a Leo with out reaching deep into your pockets.

Leos will give generously of their time and power to any relationship they deem worthwhile. Leos are extraordinarily loyal and won’t stray.

Your complete consideration, affection and admiration wants to remain targeted upon the Leo. They need to be centre stage, within the limelight with you applauding their each transfer. If your eyes or pursuits begin to wander, then the curtain will fall dramatically in your relationship with a Leo.

To keep in a relationship with a Leo, you will have to study shortly to miss any faults, (they merely don’t consider they’ve any faults!). Point out their flaws and imperfections and you’ll be given your marching orders, with these phrases ringing in your ears “It’s not me, it is you!”

Leos are typically extraordinarily useless and can anticipate any lover to pamper, flatter and praise every thing about them. When requested by Leos “Do I look good on this outfit?” your reply ought to be: “You not solely look good in it, you look implausible, one million dollars, fabulous, sensational…”