Graphology at Residence – Lesson 6 – Sexuality


Sexuality, in fact, performs an essential position in our lives. The zone that represents it’s the decrease zone, and the letter that reveals its high quality most successfully is the letter g.

Although the letters f, j, p, q, y, and z additionally attain into the decrease zone, for functions of exactness graphologists focus their evaluation on g and use the opposite decrease-zone letters for again-up corroboration. Typically different letters are helpful solely in sure particular areas, whereas the author’s technique of forming the g is all the time revealing. It’s believed amongst graphologists that, of the decrease-zone looped letters, the g most almost displays sexuality.

The Palmer technique is the type of writing we have been taught to write down in class. Usually, as individuals mature, they in a method or one other drop elements of the system they discovered in class and purchase their very own type of writing, which displays their specific character. Individuals who nonetheless write of their later years the best way they did in class are often immature and terrified of change, however naturally this is applicable to the handwriting as an entire, not simply to the formation of a single letter.

The g, which may cross for the quantity 9, exhibits an apparent feeling for figures. Individuals who write like this are sometimes accountants and mathematicians.

A g that extends far downward, exhibits focus and fatalism. This g and the earlier one each lack the loops of the Palmer technique g. As we’ll see, the upstroke of the g is what we use to measure sexual completion. ‘g’s that haven’t any upstroke in any respect (or, as many graphologists name it, a return stroke), mirror a rejection of intercourse on the a part of the author.

Focus is defined on this means: Since materialistic and/or sexual preoccupation can intrude within the considering course of, these elements are right here prevented, and the facility of focus is thus free of being blocked. So along with the destructive character we see on this author, there’s additionally a constructive issue.

The place there are open bottoms on ovaled letters (a,d,o, and so forth.) it exhibits avoidance of sexual duties. It exhibits the embezzler, clearly one who avoids duty. Since this open oval is on the backside of a “sexual” letter, we see avoidance of sexual duty. As written right here, this open oval could be seen as a circle, which is missing one thing-the identical half that’s missing on this author’s character.

When the upstroke doesn’t undergo the downstroke, it’s a signal of masturbation or of virginity, an indication of no actually robust sexual fixation.

The downstroke signifies the quantity of sexual power within the author, the upstroke, how a lot of the downstroke is being accomplished. When the downstroke measures eight millimeters, and the upstroke measures solely 2 millimeters, the hole is super. The author could be very sexually incomplete, contemplating the quantity of power he’s placing out as in comparison with the quantity he’s taking in.

When the upstroke crosses fairly low on the downstroke, it exhibits completion-to a sure extent. Nevertheless, because the downstroke is bigger than the upstroke, it exhibits a niche within the completion-subsequently, frustration. As a rule of thumb, because the g is meant to be in two zones (center and decrease) and every zone’s regular measurement is three millimeters, the a part of the g within the decrease zone ought to measure a mean of three millimeters for the downstroke in addition to for the upstroke. When the downstroke measures greater than the upstroke, no matter whether or not it crosses the upstroke or not, the quantity of frustration might be measured by the distinction.

If, for instance, the downstroke measures 5 millimeters-2 millimeters longer than the “regular” downstroke-then the upstroke ought to measure 5 millimeters, too. A “regular” three-millimeter upstroke would characterize 2 millimeters of frustration.

When the g is a closed triangle, it signifies somebody who could be a tyrant in his own residence, often due to sexual disappointment. All angles trace at rigidity. When these angles are discovered within the decrease zone, they present that the author’s rigidity is brought on by what the world represents, the sexuality.

Graphologists seek advice from this g construction because the “henpecker.” Each time a triangular form seems within the decrease zone, it in all probability means argumentativeness, bickering, et cetera. Every time a triangle seems, as is the case right here, with the purpose on the backside, we see the author, whether or not male or feminine, as having a robust curiosity within the feminine physique. When this signal seems in a lady’ s writing, it doesn’t essentially imply that she is a lesbian, for a lot of clothes fashions and ladies within the trend area write like this. It merely implies a preoccupation with the feminine determine. Nevertheless many lesbians do write g’s with downward-pointing loops, and a few ladies write “masculine” symbols together with the triangular (feminine) loops, displaying bisexuality.

The g with double loops is discovered amongst individuals with unusual habits. It’s related to drug utilization, and it exhibits confusion, maybe a drive so robust that the author has succumbed to it. Though many bodily drives are troublesome to regulate, this one is doubly so.

When each the downstroke and upstroke are distorted, they in all probability characterize the intercourse pervert.

A particularly giant loop exhibits an incredible sexual creativeness. Because the decrease zone displays the sexuality of the person, its measurement signifies that intercourse dominates the author’s considering.

When the g loop is sharp on the backside, we see a piercing, penetrating one who doesn’t surrender simply, one who needs his personal means. This author may also be revengeful. He takes a hardened, inflexible strategy to intercourse, as is indicated by the sharpness of the angles. (Discover how the form resembles a knife blade.)

The flimsy-wanting g exhibits an individual who’s weak and/or shy sexually. A specific amount of bodily power is important for regular relations. This author is missing on this space, as mirrored by the feebleness of the loop, which is an indicator of the bodily (sexual) power of the person.

When the g has a big, triangular loop with a horizontal base within the decrease zone, it exhibits materialism, and the truth that it’s set on a base exhibits that the author wants a strong foundation for this materialism.

This bears a superficial resemblance to the triangular ‘g’ we mentioned above, however they imply various things graphologically. That one has the purpose on the backside, reflecting an curiosity within the feminine type. Right here the underside is flat, horizontal.

The g within the type of an open eight is usually amongst lesbians. This construction can seem as the feminine anatomy. The feminine type is on the thoughts of this author.

When the loop comes up, round, pointing again to the left (the self) and the underlength is inflated, it exhibits materialism. That, mixed with the self-pointing loop, provides as much as greed and egotism.

When decrease loops entangle themselves, it exhibits hypersexuality. This individual lives for pleasure, no matter what might come of it.

As a rule of thumb, if the decrease zone is both equal or smaller in measurement to the higher zone, the sexual drive might be underneath management.

When the underlengths are brief, we see an individual who, if he isn’t a bodily weakling, lacks drive and sexual power, one who turns into weary simply. His state of affairs just isn’t a wholesome one. He has aborted pure sexual power, and it will be advisable for him to get counseling.

When the upstroke and downstroke each meet on the level the place the downstroke begins-this being slightly below the oval a part of the g, the identical primary quantity of power is used within the upstrokes as within the downstrokes (we name this even-pressured). Often the downstroke is a bit heavier, however that doesn’t matter so long as there are not any marked variations. Right here we’ve a author who began and completed with the identical primary quantity of sexual power-a wholesome intercourse life.

The place the upstroke does cross the downstroke, however both someplace within the center or towards the underside, the author does full the act, but he habitually finishes earlier than his companion. This typically results in frustration within the relationship. There’s selfishness on this author’s make-up, since he lacks consideration for his companion.

The downstrokes can have far more strain than the upstrokes, although the upstrokes do cross the downstrokes on the “correct” place. This trait exhibits that no matter power the author has is used at first, however he someway manages to finish the act.

When the upstroke is hardly an upstroke at al, the motion was began, however it was not completed. Or maybe the individual does typically “end” with masturbation.

What’s basic romantic writing? His writing leans to the best, displaying heat, and his lengthy decrease loops point out robust sexual feeling. We usually discover a man writes with heavier strain than a lady does.

Should you look intently at ‘g’s, but they will move for a’s, as a result of their extraordinarily brief underlengths, we ceaselessly discover sexuality that has gone haywire. There isn’t a pure outlet (as indicated by having nearly no underlengths), so the author will get his pleasure from unhealthy types of expression, comparable to inflicting ache. It’s the writing of the sadist.

The Marquis de Sade (from whom we received the time period “sadist”) wrote equally.

When writing is considerably inclined, it exhibits a dependency on others. If this writing is mixed with a particularly pastose, smeary hand, as if an ink blotter have been used on it, indicating very robust sensuousness, the extraordinarily brief underlengths of which we spoke above now inform of masochism. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (from whose identify is derived the time period “masochist”) wrote equally.

Each time there’s extraordinarily pastose writing, we’re coping with a sensually irregular particular person. Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy’s murderer wrote in such a trend. His writing additionally has many angles and hooks, displaying a inflexible, pigheaded strategy. Rigidity, coupled with irregular sensuality, can set off the possessor right into a most barbaric act.

Examination for Lesson 6

1. Which zone represents sexuality?

2. Which letter most successfully reveals its high quality?

three. When the ‘g’ lacks a return stroke, what’s indicated?

four. Ought to the downstroke (of the ‘g’) be eight millimeters, whereas the upstroke

measures solely two, what’s mirrored?

5 What sort of (decrease zone) loop is related to drug abuse?

6. What writing signifies large sexual creativeness?

7. Which sort of writing discloses a piercing, penetrating character, one who doesn’t give in simply?

eight. What does the underlength that’s inflated and factors again to the left (the self) reveal?

9. Marilyn Monroe’s writing exhibits hypersexuality. Clarify how that is indicated.

10. The Marquis de Sade exhibits sadism in his writing. Clarify how that is observed.

eleven. What’s pastose writing? What does it reveal?

Solutions for Lesson 6

1. The decrease zone

2. The letter ‘g’

three. A rejection of intercourse on the a part of the author.

four. Sexual frustration

5. Double loops

6. Extraordinarily giant loops (within the decrease zone)

7. The g loop that’s sharp on the backside

eight. Greed and egotism.

9. The spacing between the strains in Marilyn Monroe’s writing is sort of giant and nonetheless the underlengths choke into the road under it.

10. The writing is excessively muddy and ink-crammed, which signifies sensuality. It additionally incorporates piercing finish strokes, and because the finish strokes characterize his relationship to his fellowman, this means the pleasure he took in cruelty.

eleven. Muddy, blotchy, unclear writing. Sensuousness is revealed.