Feminine Sexuality within the Victorian Period


The Victorian Period was a time of harsh restraints on sexuality for all individuals, however particularly ladies. It was a time when sexual repression was seen as a super trait of the nicely-bred lady. In an period when the themes of the time have been “the cult of true womanhood” and the “code of chivalry” it was to be anticipated that ladies can be sexually ignorant and repressed.

Throughout Victorian occasions, in an effort to be thought-about a woman, one would abstain from pure want. In different phrases, no intercourse, and solely virgins have been thought-about correct women. The “cult of true womanhood” dictated that submissiveness, purity and piety have been the traits of a woman. As an alternative of embracing womanhood, the push was extra in the direction of making a lady asexual. The one purpose a woman would have intercourse was to procreate. And positively, a woman would by no means take pleasure in intercourse.

Ladies have been to not speak about intercourse nor to need to have intercourse. These have been social “no-no’s.” A younger woman can be stored in her father’s home whereas being intently watched by her mom in order that she didn’t stray, for an unclean or impure lady wouldn’t be able to find a husband. Within the Victorian period, the one obligation of girls – and the only technique of acquiring society’s respect – was to get married, hold a superb house and have youngsters.

Sexual repression abounded. The one ladies deemed worthy of marriage have been people who abstained from sexual exercise. This result in a flourishing prostitution enterprise. Although the male was pushed to regulate his pure instincts, they have been thought-about too weak to regulate them on their very own. In order that they utilized prostitutes. Single ladies typically turned to prostitution, as a option to earn cash and to satisfy their innermost wishes – in addition to these of the lads they attended.

From a societal standpoint, copy was the one cause for intercourse. In reality, procreation was the one authorised cause for intercourse even between married individuals. Intercourse was to not be engaged in for enjoyment nor achievement, between a person and his spouse. Marital intercourse was seen as a shameful necessity to married life. And even there, many higher center class couples confirmed their refinement by not having youngsters and never having intercourse.

Contraception was one other taboo topic, being considered pornographic. The medical career, too, seemed down on intercourse. They discovered it completely deplorable to assume that a lady was able to having an orgasm. Enjoyment of intercourse or the will to have intercourse was not thought-about regular for females. Being pregnant was seen as a ‘delicate’ situation.

As one can see, being a lady in the course of the Victorian Period meant a lifetime of compulsory intercourse solely for procreation – which one was forbidden to take pleasure in. Correct nicely-bred women didn’t even take into consideration intercourse. Prostitution was a thriving enterprise to fulfill males’s wishes, because it was not thought-about correct for spouses to have intercourse until the intention was to create a toddler. And even immediately, in twenty first Century America, remnants of the Victorian attitudes towards feminine sexuality stay entrenched in giant pockets of our society.